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Heros come from all walks of life, here are our Hawker Heros; our menu is inspired by them.

It just goes to show, follow your heart, be true to flavour and believe you can do anything.

iza kaya

Izakaya Toyo has become one of the most beloved stand-up snack bars in the Osaka. Here, you’ll find Toyo-san, as he’s generally known, standing in the kitchen. With a blowtorch in one hand, a cigarette in his mouth, and a tub of ice at his side, Toyo-san unleashes a wave of fire at his chunks of tuna as they sit on the grill. He broils them in a carefree manner and somehow, miraculously, avoids setting fire to himself or anybody else!

JAY FEI Sparks

Jay Fai, whose real name is Supinya Junsuta (which is unfamiliar to many ears), is the 73-year-old commander behind the Bangkok’s only Michelin starred street food outlet. What has become as far-famed as her wok-fired food is Jay Fai’s signature goggles – a fashion statement she flaunts in front of a coal-fired stove glistening with dancing flames. So cool.

Chan Hon Meng

Chan Hon Meng, also known as Hawker Chan, is a well-known culinary figure in Singapore. Chan started off as a hawker at Chinatown Food Complex in 2009. He is recognised for his Michelin-starred hawker stall 'Liao Fan Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle'. Priced at $2, his famous soya sauce chicken served with rice was dubbed the cheapest Michelin dish worldwide.

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